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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Medical Marijuana

Recently I have read some articles based on Medical Marijuana and some of the positive effects which could be gained by taking it internally. I'm not talking about smoking it. But I'm talking about Topical creams. The thing that bothers me about the whole situation is there was no scientific study done back when it was made illegal not to mention that but most other more heavy illegal drugs are used in many of our pain killers right now which are much more serious and dangerous and addictive. Does heroine or opium which is used as a by-products in painkillers make them safer then the actual drugs which are illegal. I would imagine the answer to that would be no because you still can get addicted to them and you can overdose and kill yourself with painkillers too. So if illegal drugs with even more serious side effects of Marijuana is banned then why not accept marijuana as a more excepted treatment to health problems. It makes me wonder if maybe the effects of marijuana are actually too good to actually pass as a drug. Like the cannabinoid found in marijuana can actually block cell growth or stop the growth of blood vessels which turn into tumors so why can't this be used to help people with untreatable cancers like brain cancer or tumors which can't be treated. Another thing I found very interesting when I was looking up information about during the 1970's when it was made illegal besides the government believing that it had no medical value at that time they still distributed it to patients under the Compassionate Use Investigational New Drug (IND) program between 1978 and 1992. They found over the past 20 years that cannabinoids have an effect in immunity which is the protection against infectious diseases. Some other studies on laboratory animal's which were done showed even better results including the reduction and removal of tumors and also the fact that cannabinoids can not only stop cancer from growing and kill cancer cells but also help protect normal cells. Another study done with mice showed that cannabinoids can protect the colon from inflammation and have potential in reducing the risk of colon cancer as well as used in the treatment of people who have colon cancer. There was another study done on liver cancer which showed that cannabinoids damaged or killed cancer cells and showed it had anti-tumor effects. Of course just hearing it from me might not be enough so why not read it for yourself from the government website this way you know I am not just making it up. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/patient/Page2#Section_5 Of course all of this proof and yet there is still legal problems with the use of marijuana makes me wonder if maybe they would rather not cure people at all. How much positive results do you need to get something approved for use? Sounds to me like it should have been used for full medical treatment months ago. This is the kind of stuff which makes me angry. Sure just like alcohol marijuana can be used and abused by people but if it can be used to save people then we should be using it because people will always find a way to abuse a good thing anyway. But if we can save lives especially those of children. Just recently there has been cancer patients who have been going viral do we really want to not use methods which can cure these children simply because something is illegal if we know that it could possibly cure different types of cancer? How many people will need to die for things to change? Really makes me wonder.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Living with medical problems

Life can be a real challenge especially if you have a medical condition. Even if the medical condition is something small it still becomes a personal challenge you have to overcome daily it can be hard to overcome for some people depending on how bad the symptoms are. You might find yourself struggling to get though the day. But have hope no matter what illness you are battling you aren't alone there is many other people who either have the same medical condition or have one which is similar.

Like for example I have a friend who has (OCD) Obsessive-compulsive disorder and for him it's pretty bad. He will see something out of place and spend time organizing it. Before I knew he had OCD I made the mistake of borrowing a dvd from his anime collection and I put it back in the wrong spot. Later I notice all of the dvd's off the shelf and hes reorganizing them all I ask him why he didn't just put the dvd back on the shelf without reorganizing and that's when I found out he had OCD he cannot take the simple way out for tasks like that otherwise he'll lose sleep over it. I try my best to support him and I know how much OCD frustrates him. I personally struggle with ADHD and while I've been taking herbal medicine to help which has been working for me without the vicious side effects I was battling with prescription drugs its still a challenge because of my diet which I neglect at times.

But if you know someone who has a medical problem similar to any of these show them your support they will appreciate it. Even if you don't have a condition sometimes just having someone tell you I'm here for you really makes us feel a lot better and having people we can depend on. And if you work as a cna or a doctor then I'm sure you meet people everyday that have challenges of some kind so you already know what there going through.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Medical Careers List

When it comes to jobs one of the most major fields of jobs which still exist on the market today are jobs located in the medical career. Trying to find some of the best medical careers can be a challenge and trying to find a medical careers list that has good information can also be a waste of your precious time. But because I understand that I will attempt to help you in your quest for finding information on which medical career might be right for you and at least help provide the resources so you can find some of the best medical careers lists online.  Always remember that information like medical careers list's should always be provided free of charge any website claiming to charge money for information to "get started" is bad news this is normally a scam.

The following websites I'm going to provide which are medical careers lists will all be free resources you can use.  The first resource which I have found is Top Medical Careers of 2012 which is a great resource for people searching for that entry level job into a medical career it explains some of the important information that you need to know when trying to decide what entry level career you might be interested in. The next resource I have found is Medical Careers List which is valuable because it not only holds information on entry level medical career's but it also provides information on the main professions which do take some or a lot of college. You might wonder why add all of that information well even if your starting off entry level you might really enjoy the profession and later need a place to find out about more advanced medical careers so having a good medical careers list is a valuable tool.

We also will be providing others as we find more valuable resources so be sure to check back with us to find more top medical careers lists. When it comes to finding a job you will want to first stick to the entry level type of medical careers that you find within the first link provided. These help get your foot into the door and get you on a easier track then picking up a profession which requires many years of studying to get into a medical career. And entry level health jobs while they might not always be the highest level paying jobs they are better then your fast food jobs. They also are much more stable most hospital's look to constantly hire more medical professionals. There will always be a endless supply of people who need medical help. So unlike other jobs which could disappear overnight obtaining a medical career will be very valuable to you and also your family. You will also be able to take an active part in participating in helping people in your community. While being paid a stable salary and many medical career jobs provide great benefits that you can help you especially if your out of work and have no insurance.

If you find that your not the type of person who is very good working with something that maybe a certified nursing assistant would do you could always consider a more entry level like janitor or even working at the front desk in a hospital these type of jobs are always high demand medical careers too that are still entry level in many cases.